Wednesday, August 27, 2008


I've not been very good at keeping this up, I'm sad to say. I will endeavor to improve. It's been awhile since I've written, so I suppose I ought catch things up.

This has been a fun month. Gencon and all that. I had a really good time this year. Probably the best I've ever had there....and I always have fun. We had less people in our room than we would have liked, which I suppose was alright, since space-wise, it wasn't all that large. However, as far as the pocketbook would have been nice if we'd had a few more people to share it with. We have a lot of people interested in rooming with us next year though, so things shouldn't be so bad.

The highlight of gencon for me, probably, was the Nascrag tournament. Now, this is a fun little event where you put together a team and play through a D&Dish adventure. It's not remotely combat based, but is entirely focused on how well you can roleplay and puzzle solve. Our team was myself, Zeb, Ceika, Tantolain, Indurain, and Felixaar. So, naturally, we had a blast. Indy and I especially, since our roles were a pair of twin sister dancing girls. We played off each other really well and it was hilarious.

I got to meet quite a few people that I didn't know previously, Felixaar (although by this point, he'd been hanging with us for a week, so I didn't exactly meet him at the con), Smee, Kyrian, Lykan, Lex-kat...probably a few others. Although really, I knew practically everyone there already. Zeb, me, Ceika, Tantolain and Indurain spent pretty much the entire time together. It was nice to see Phoe and Reina again. And this year, I actually got to spend some time talking to Thes and El J, so huzzah to that.

This year, it felt like there was a lot less time. I think it's because we spent the majority of the dealer hall hours frantically trying to complete quests. Which, of course, we never got anything out of. Well, no...not exactly, because Krade won a bunch of stuff and gave us everything he didn't want.

It was a really good time though. And I behaved and hardly bought a thing. I got a new set of dice, a watercolor book, and two smaller games. One of which was a new hex hex, for which I'm very excited, because hex hex is the most fun game ever.

I realize I could probably continue on awhile, I didn't talk much about the cuddlefests or random moments of silliness, but I think I'll move onto other aspects of life.

I'm still unemployed. Yeah, it sucks. I'm really really pissed at my school about this. They moved some of our classes until after graduation....shouldn't have been a big deal, right? Except that in Maryland...and apparently Texas, and probably other order to be hired for any therapist position, I need my provisional license. In order to get this license, I need to have taken these courses and sit for the exam. The courses have been over since the beginning of the month now, but of course, the grades are just getting put on my transcript now and so then I have to order the transcript and send in my application and get approved for the exam.....ideally in time to take it in early September. I don't even know if that's going to happen. Not to mention that moving these classes made it so that they can't be paid for with financial aid and apparently they're supposed to hold my transcripts until I've finished paying for them. Which, of course, I can't do until I get a job, which I can't get without my transcript. Grrrr...vicious circle.

In gaming news, there was a beta preview weekend of Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning over the weekend. Holy wow is that a great game. It pretty much combines the aspects of Camelot and WoW that we liked while adding a bunch of new, neat things. I'm sad that we only got to play it for so short a time. We're planning on getting all of our friends together in a guild though.

Jerry's taking a class this week, so is gone during the days rather than at night. It's been....different. Although, I kinda like being home alone all day. It's relaxing. I've gotten so much reading done.

Aaron was supposed to come out and visit, but the stupid flights decreed that it oughtn't be so. He has two weeks off right now and I think he's planning on coming out at some point during this time. I'm not sure when though. Mom's talking about flying us all down to Florida, which I think would be a lot of fun. I haven't seen her in awhile and I need to buy a dress for Alison's wedding and it's always more fun to shop with her and grandma.

I think Athena may be finally turning into a good dog. She's really sweet and is really starting to grow on me. I can't even remember the last time she did something that required me to yell at her. Speaking of dogs, my mom apparently rescued a stray. He was walking down the street and was skinny and starving and had been beaten. But supposedly he's just the sweetest thing and now that he's determined that she's nice and not going to hit him whenever she tries to pet him, he won't leave her side. I'm guessing my dad probably isn't the happiest to have 3 dogs in the house, but eh, it's not like she could just leave him to get hit by a car.

Well, I've rambled on enough I think, maybe if I write more often, I won't have to make such long posts filling you all in about weeks of my life. We'll shoot for that. =D