Wednesday, January 20, 2010


I lack it. Well, actually, I've been more motivated the last couple weeks that I previously had been. I've created an office in the basement (which I haven't actually used) and we reorganized Jared's room, so I suppose that's productive. And I have been working a fair bit. But I have all these projects and ideas and things that I want to work on, but I don't have the energy or willpower to make myself do them. And time...I'm not sure how, but somehow it can get to Sunday afternoon and all we've managed to do is donate blood, sleep and watch tv. I'm sad too, because I had a lot I wanted to get done this weekend. I guess I'll make another to-do list and maybe I'll manage to get more done later this week. I'm a pro at to-do lists, making them that is, not necessarily doing them. And I do have to be a little more motivated because at least some of the things that I want to do have deadlines. I have a large presentation to prepare, and a story about magic to write. Bleh, okay, enough of me whining.

Sorry I haven't written lately. I mean to... just another one of those things that I wish I were more motivated to do. But we're done with that topic. =)

So, have I mentioned lately that I have the cutest kid in the world? Cause I do, and I don't write about him much. But he's really really adorable. He's going through a growth spurt right now, apparently. Insane really, as he's already a monster, but he's been eating 10oz at a time today, which is a full 4 more than he wanted yesterday. *shakes head* We took him to a 5 month study at the University of Maryland the other day, at which he had great fun. Being a psychology person, I fully support doing research into things like children's social development. And this was a pretty fun study, he got to play with bubbles and puppets and do peek-a-boo, nothing remotely stressful.

He can't crawl yet, but he's taken to flipping himself back and forth and is no longer safe alone on a bed, even with walls of pillows around him, and he does scoot himself backwards, which is very funny. He can sit up on his own and can swing himself and spin his bouncy chair around so he's in front of the toy he wants. And, luckily for us, he loves the car and traveling and other people. Perfect meetup companion. We took him to Tennessee over New Years and are planning a trip to Florida next month, so yay.

This post is rather rambly and babbly, I'm sorry. I have a headache and am feeling a bit out of sorts. Perhaps I'll post something more coherent later this week? For now, have a lovely evening!