Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Kim is a bitch. Now, I don't normally rant about people on here, and frankly, I rarely get mad at people at all. However, this really really pissed me off. Now, I can see people reading this saying, 'it's just a game...' but it isn't. What it is, is a glimpse into the kind of person that Kim is, and that glimpse shows me that I have no desire to associate with her again. A shame too, since I love her kids and her husband is fun. (For clarification, Kim is Jerry's brother's wife.) I suppose it would be best to explain the story now.

For the past year or so Jerry and I have been very involved in the game, Warhammer Online. When it was released, Jerry, myself, Ken (Jerry's brother) and Kim formed a guild together. Ken was then sent overseas for 9 months, and Kim, being now alone and they having 7 kids, naturally had little gaming time. Jerry and I took over running the guild. Things went as well as any new guild can expect, players came and went, we went through phases of dying and rebuilding, we were shuffled to different servers and joined several different alliances. When Ken returns to the states, the guild is entering a phase of 'dying'. This is due to several factors: 1. the new server we had been shuffled onto was order heavy and rvr had become beyond frustrating (ie. high level players were getting sick of never winning anything and were quitting or moving servers/guilds) and 2. new games (Champions Online and Aion) were being released and players were leaving to go to them.

At this point, Ken and Kim start moving some of their characters out of our guild and into a guild that we are allied with (Unrepentant). They don't mention this to us and we find out from the leader of Unrepentant. When we ask them about it, they say that they are planning to leave WAR for Aion and plan to join Unrepentant when they do. They say they are moving their characters to get to know the people in that guild better. We're fine with this, think it's a good idea actually, although it would have been nice if they'd let us know. We learn later that they told Unrepentant that they were leaving because they were having problems with us.

They never once mention these problems. We go to their house for labor day, and they still don't mention anything. They're playing Aion (beta) while we're there and we look at it. I fall in love with the pretty setting and the tons of character customization you can have and decide that I want to get the game. I even mention that I will join Unrepentant when I do. They don't seem to have any problem with this.

We come home and I do just that. I join Unrepentant, I order the game. I'm really excited about this. I post a bunch on their forums, get to know some new people that I didn't already know from WAR. I make plans to be really active and be in vent all the time and really become an involved, contributing member of the guild. I even skip my writing group to go to the first guild meeting. Kim knows I'm there, knows I'm a member, we attended meetings together and everything.

Two weeks later, my brother (who has decided to play Aion with me) submits an application for Unrepentant. Kim posts: "Due to issues with this person and family members in past games i would like to voice my disaproval of this app. if you need any more info than what i have already given in vent please pm me thanks" WHAT?! Now....Aaron was in our guild in WAR...marginally. He quit the game months ago, spent most of his time when he was playing on the Order side in his own guild, and I would say never once interacted with Kim, apart from possibly the occasional 'hello' in guild chat on the rare occasion that they were playing at the same time. He's also one of the most laid back people I know, never fights with anyone, and is practically allergic to drama. There is no possible reason that she would have to post that.

Then, my brother, and myself both get messages from the guild leader that based on what Kim has had to say they have decided to reject us from the guild. Yes, they retroactively reject me from a guild I've already been in for two weeks. I send Kim a message trying to find out what the hell is going on, which she, naturally, never responds to. And I know she got the message, and read it, because apparently she was talking in Vent about the fact that I was messaging her. We talk with the guild leadership for awhile, never getting any answer regarding what she's saying we did. And apparently when they confront her with the fact that we're saying we have no idea what she's talking about and have no problems with her, she starts backpedaling and can't seem to explain what the problem is. But she's more than capable of bad-mouthing us on Vent.

We still have no idea what she thinks we did wrong, why she's upset, or why she brought whatever misconceived problem she had from WAR over into this new guild and game. We all decided 'screw her' and went to another server and another guild, but it really sucks. I had a lot of friends in that guild and was really looking forward to playing with them. And what hurts even more is that I have no idea what lies she's told to them all and I'm sure they all think horribly of me and I did nothing wrong. Jerry thinks it's because she's pissed at him for some reason. *shrugs* I imagine we'll never know.

And it's too bad too, because I know Jerry really likes to hang out with his brother. So do I, for that matter. But now, we won't be heading to Norfolk to visit them again because neither of us want to associate with someone so childish, mean and spiteful.

Friday, August 21, 2009


Man...I fail at this whole 'keeping my blog up to date' thing. I won't promise to be better this time, since it seems that I can't keep those promises. Anyway....life has been veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeery exciting of late.

Everyone that reads my blog should already know that little Jared has been born. I'm guessing that most of you probably got a text message from us that night. Suffice it to say, we are incredibly happy. I don't think I could have asked for a sweeter, better behaved baby. And really, everything is not nearly as difficult as I imagined. Yeah, it's hard to get up and feed and change him in the middle of the night, but not so bad. And I feel great, so that's a plus.

Dusty is hilarious. He has really taken to his role of 'big brother'. We read articles and the like about the best way to introduce a new baby to your pets and one of the things that they suggested was to have someone bring a blanket that the baby had been wrapped in home while you were still in the hospital to acquaint the pets with his scent. We thought this was a good idea, so mom brought a blanket home the day before we got home. Both dogs sniffed it, Athena was of course very meh. Dusty, however, started carrying the blanket around with him everywhere. I wish I'd been around to see it because apparently he kept tripping over it. Then, once we got home, they were both suitably excited and sniffy for a time, and then Athena became her indifferent self. Dusty, on the other hand, sits next to Jared all the time. If Jared makes the slightest little noise, Dusty runs from wherever he is to make sure he's okay, and should he start to cry, Dusty gets veeeeeeeeeery upset and will come and headbutt us until we get up and see what's the matter. It's the cutest thing. Skylar, I don't think has even noticed that there's a new baby, in spite of our attempts to introduce them. But he's not being mean or anything, so I guess it's good enough.

What has been a bit tiring about the whole thing is the constant stream of people visiting. Not that I mind visitors that is, there just hasn't been a whole lot of 'alone time' for Jerry, Jared and I. We had most of yesterday and today though, and tomorrow. Then friends are coming up on Sunday and it sounds like my family will be here next week, which will be great, if more tiring, especially with Jerry having to go back to work. It's been really nice to have him home at night.

You know, you'd think I would have more to talk about. Ooh...here's pictures of him: http://smg.photobucket.com/albums/v334/Alarra/Jared/
Well, I guess that's enough for today and I'll try write again after not toooooo long. =P

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


I was concerned about how the SE Gitp Meetup would go. Not that I thought it wouldn't be as fantastic and fun and well-run as every other year, but rather, the concerns were over how I would handle it. Now, I love meetups, and I'm one of those people that hates to miss out on ANYTHING. Most of the time, this results in my staying up nearly all night, getting less than 6 hours of sleep for the entire weekend combined, and basically subsisting on caffeine. Now, this is a fine way to spend an occasional weekend.....when you aren't 8 months pregnant. Before we left, I actually instructed Zeb to make me take a break once in awhile, go to bed by 2, take an occasional nap... he failed at this miserably, and actually, ended up falling asleep before me practically every night. In actuality, it went much the same way as every other meetup... I stayed up stupid late and got little sleep over the course of the weekend. (And mom, if you're reading this...don't lecture and don't worry. I'm just fine and a little missed sleep didn't hurt me one bit...) I did end up going back to the hotel on Sunday and napping for a bit more than an hour, causing me to miss out on Reinholdt's birthday party (le sad), but even that I probably wouldn't have done had I just been tired and not feeling ill as well.

It was a fantastically fun weekend though. Most people showed up Friday afternoon. We missed out on the pre-festivities at the Hippie Hut, because Zeb hadn't slept yet when we got there and I decided to be responsible and make him take a nap first. But then we went to the Thunderdome, which was a rather fun, gaming hang out. There was much Rockband, and a very fun game of Paranoia....in which I DID NOT DIE! See, this is significant, because it's very very hard to not die in this game, everyone else died at least twice, some as many as 4 times. It was a lot of fun though. I was the 'hygiene officer' and got to make everyone wash their hands a lot. We played a lot of other games there too, and they had amazing cheesecake. I can't recall how late we stayed there, probably 3-ish, it was late anyway. We hung out in the room after that for awhile, but probably went to sleep around 4:30, I would guess. Zeb fell asleep far earlier, a combination of little sleep the past couple days and too much beer, I think.

Saturday was the outdoor portion of the weekend. We woke up late and went to get breakfast, which was mildly disappointing. Then we headed over to the ropes course place, arriving fashionably late, as we did to everything, all weekend. There was kubb and grilling and fun conversations, and a few people climbed some. It was also hot and there were a lot of bugs. It was great fun though. We went swimming after that, which was exactly what was needed. Zeb luckily wears swimming trunks as his regular shorts and as such had 3 pairs and could lend some to the llama and nudist. Of course, I'm sure Indy would have prefered to swim without them, but there were kids in the pool. =P

We then went to Mid-City Grill. I don't know that I did too much while we were there. Played a couple rousing games of 'pass the pig', (such a fun, quick, time-waster..I should probably pick it up sometime), Ticket to Ride cards, and one of the 'skippy' b-movie games. Dinner was disappointing, which was sad because I remember it being really good last year. I was rather out of it while we were there though, and if I wasn't actively involved in a game or conversation, found I had a hard time keeping my eyes open. A bunch of people came back to our room after we left there, and somehow I was now wide-awake and happy to play games until 6am. I was rather concerned that the people in the room next to us were going to complain about the noise though, since we did have both Rockband and a poker game going on at the same time. I spent most of the time playing poker, which shouldn't surprise anyone that knows me, poker's kinda my game. We made up a new variant called 'reverse poker' in which you can see everyone's hand but your own...that was actually really fun and called for a complete change in the way that you think. Goof then introduced us to Whiskey poker, which was a ton of fun too, although it involved a bit less strategy and more luck.

Sunday was spent at Jared and Sherri's, which was fun, for the most part. Goof was in pretty bad shape though. Apparently sometime in the early hours of the morning, probably while he was playing poker and drinking very sugary cocktails, his insulin pump stopped working. By the time we got there, he looked pretty much like death, and spent a good chunk of the day sleeping. He did wake up to play Werewolf with us though (Even all ill and exhausted, he managed to play a fantastic game and ended up being the last villager alive), but he then ended up going to the hospital shortly after that game. Which really sucked, although I suppose if it had to happen somewhere, I'm glad it's in JC where there are tons of really wonderful people around to keep him company and take care of him. He's doing muuuuuuuuuuuuuch better now and it looks like he'll be able to head home soon. We went and visited him that evening as well as before we left the next morning and he seemed in good spirits, if rather tired. I'd gone back to the hotel to sleep when they found out that Goof needed to be sent to the hospital (He'd left to go to the pharmacy, not nearly as concerning) so I was a bit late in finding that out. Once Zeb, llama, Thes and Indy came back to get me, they filled me in and we went to visit him.

We made Sunday a bit earlier of a night, although Zeb, Indy and I still stayed up chatting far later than we intended too. Indy finally got to feel Jared kick, shortly before bed, which he had been whining about wanting to do since the weekend started. Apparently it's the 'coolest feeling ever'..he was rather awed. And I have to admit it is pretty darn cool. Except when you're trying to sleep anyway. =P Monday I proceeded to sleep a good chunk of the drive home and passed out not too long after we got back here.

All in all the weekend was a roaring success and a ton of fun. I can't wait to do it again next year. We met a fair number of new people, (Mangosta, Phillistine, Reinholdt, rtg, tyckspoon *thinks* Is that really all? I knew everyone else?...wow..) and they were all tons of fun. And it was great to get to see all the Johnsoncity-ites again, since they're some of my favorite people ever and we don't get down there enough. And also, Indy, cause I've missed him terribly. Anyway, it was great to see everyone else that I already knew again too (Thes, Goof, Krade, Zaragon, the Meyers *knows she's forgetting people*) In any case, we're trying to plan a meetup of our own in October, which seems to be getting a great response, so hopefully it won't be another year before I get to see all these people again. =D

Monday, June 15, 2009


I have been reading quite a bit lately and figured it might be a good idea to write about some of what I've read over the past month or so.

I am currently reading Watership Down. This is one of Jerry's favorite books and he has been trying to get me to read it for ages. Of course, his convincing was hindered by the fact that he didn't own a copy and I never remembered to pick it up at the bookstore. This has been remedied. Actually, while my mother was visiting, we bought a ton of books. I've read three or so of them since she left. I'm currently a little more than halfway through this book and it's really really good. Far different from what I was expecting, and actually, anything I've ever read. I kind of like reading about books from the point of view of animals, it gives everything a much more novel perspective, and makes you think. Anyway, I realize this is an older book, but if you haven't read it, you should consider it.

The book that I finished last week was Castles by Julie Garwood. This is also an older book, actually, from back in 1993. I really like Garwood and thought I had read everything she'd put out, but somehow I missed this one. Mom and I picked it up while she was here. This is typical Garwood fare. There's a guy and a girl, thrown together through some (usually dangerous) circumstances, they fight falling in love, but eventually succumb, there's some plot going on to kill one or both of the main characters....or, in the case of this book, a couple different dangery type people or groups skulking about. Of course, the hero and heroine save the day and wind up married and happy. I realize that this doesn't make it sound like a good book, rather makes it sound like everything that she writes is the same, but that doesn't mean they aren't still good. Her historical books, of which this is one, all take place in the early 19th century England, and unlike a lot of authors, she doesn't get bogged down in the minutia of making sure that everything is accurate 'societally'. Where she shines is in her characterization, and if her plots are a bit repetitive, the unique and exciting people that she introduces make them seem fresh. Anyway, she's a good author, you should check her out.

The book I finished before that was Dogs and Goddesses by Jennifer Crusie and a couple other women authors who I can't recall and am being too lazy to look at the page I just linked. I find Crusie an interesting author, because unlike a lot of romance writers, she's genuinely funny. I haven't read a book of hers that hasn't at several points throughout caused me to laugh out loud. She's also very good at bringing her characters thoughts and voice to the forefront. This book was a bit absurd and kooky, with a fair bit of mysticism thrown in. I laughed a lot while reading it.

Before that, I read, The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss. Wow. Wow. Wow. Wow. Wow. I don't think I can say that enough. This is Rothfuss's debut novel and I had heard and read a whole lot of fantastic reviews of it. All I can say is every one of them is correct and when people compare him to George RR Martin, Tolkein and Robert Jordan, they're absolutely right. It's a fantastic book and I was soooo sad to finish it and realize that the next one isn't out yet. And don't be concerned with the Martin and Jordan references, while he is writing a series, it is already planned out as a trilogy, and, if I'm not mistaken, all three books are already written. This isn't the type of author where we'll run into the problem of his series never ending or falling off after book 9, or making us wait years and years for the next installment. In any case, it's been a long while since I had read a book that I literally couldn't put down (Since the last Kushiel book, actually). So anyway, if you are a fantasy fan at all....GET THIS BOOK!

And just before that, I finished, Vision in White by Nora Roberts. This was a fun, light diversion for a couple of days. I'm actually a rather big fan of Roberts. I do have every book she's written, well, or I did at one time anyway. They're good, a nice break between deeper fantasy novels. She's excellent at characterization and her books are always full of fascinating details about different careers or lifestyles. This book is the first in a series based around four women that run a wedding planning company. This one focuses on the photographer, and while she's done dozens of books about mildly crazy commitment-phobic women, this one manages to be interesting and amusing. I think it will be a good series.

Anyway, there you go, that's what I have read this month. Enjoy!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Wow, so...after reading Zeb's blog entry, I realized that my last entry was before I knew I was pregnant and in yesterday's I didn't bother to mention it, or for that matter, anything else that has happened since November.

So...yes...I'm pregnant, about 29 weeks along now. Which is exciting and fun and I can't wait to have little Jared. That's actually why all the people will be here on Saturday, Myranda's throwing us a baby shower. Not that there's anything else we need, we already had a huge shower in South Dakota, and then there's my aunt Peggy, who has been collecting baby stuff for me pretty much since I was born. Seriously. She sent me home with 4 bins of clothes, 2 boxes of books, and a bin of toys and other stuff. But yes, little Jared will have more outfits than he can ever wear. It seems like it's pregnancy season right now actually, as I have two friends that are also pregnant and due in the few months after me. This will be nice, I think, as then our kids will have other kids their age to hang out with, of course, Alison's moving way down to Florida with her's, but hey..we'll visit. =) Anyway, the pregnancy has been pretty much picture perfect. I had very minimal morning sickness and every appointment they say that he looks prefect. There was a little hiccup this month because I screwed up the amount of iron I was getting, which made my heart have some problems and made me very tired, but that's all fixed now...I think. So, anyway, that's the big thing that's going on.

I also have a new job....which I hate. Well, not hate, really. I mean, it's convenient in that I never have to go there or do anything, but I really wish I were actually making money. The problem with this place is that it's contractual, so I only get paid when I actually see clients. So if I sit at the office for half an hour, hoping they show up and they don't...I get nothing, and am just out all that time, plus the half hour it took me to drive there. People also have a tendency to never answer their phones or return my phone calls. This is making it hard to actually see anyone. I do have a few more appointments this week, but last paycheck I only worked like 10 hours and 6 of those were the 'paperwork' hours I get paid for...so yes, 3 appointments in two weeks.... Not exactly going to break the bank with this one. The plan right now is to keep it up at least until August and then look for something new while I'm on 'maternity leave'. I may keep it for a little while after, just because it's convenient to not have to go there that often, but I really need something full time, or at least moderately structured. They also don't take out taxes, apparently, which will be a huge pain come when I have to actually figure that out.

I'm less worried about the party now, while the house is still small, we're doing a good job of getting it clean and I think it'll work out even if people are a bit crowded. I don't really have all that much else to talk about right now, although I'll probably think of something later, and maybe make another post tomorrow. See how on top of this I'm being now? *grins*

Monday, June 1, 2009


I have not blogged in way way too long. No one will probably even come and see this, because it has been so long since I have made an entry that none of you will think to come back and look here. I'm not going to write much tonight, either....sorry to get your hopes up, you nonexistent reader, you. It's late...well, late for current me anyway, I have been sleeping earlier and earlier lately, which I suppose is a good thing. In any case, I will attempt to write more tomorrow.

I'm also frazzled and crabby and in a 'mood' tonight, so going to bed is probably the best plan. I'm worried though. There are going to be a lot of people coming over on Saturday and our house is small....really really tiny small and I'm afraid that it will be far too crowded and no one will have any fun. I'm also worried about mom, but she yells at me when I say anything, so that's where I'll leave that.

This weekend was fun though, in spite of the feeling stressed and worried. Stacey came up and we played D&D yesterday and today we took Tommy to a birthday party for my friend, Becky's, son. He had a fantastic time and I'm really glad we took him, because he never gets to play with other kids. We had fun too of course. Anyway, off to bed with me, and I'll post more tomorrow and more frequently in the future too. I promise! =D