Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Kim is a bitch. Now, I don't normally rant about people on here, and frankly, I rarely get mad at people at all. However, this really really pissed me off. Now, I can see people reading this saying, 'it's just a game...' but it isn't. What it is, is a glimpse into the kind of person that Kim is, and that glimpse shows me that I have no desire to associate with her again. A shame too, since I love her kids and her husband is fun. (For clarification, Kim is Jerry's brother's wife.) I suppose it would be best to explain the story now.

For the past year or so Jerry and I have been very involved in the game, Warhammer Online. When it was released, Jerry, myself, Ken (Jerry's brother) and Kim formed a guild together. Ken was then sent overseas for 9 months, and Kim, being now alone and they having 7 kids, naturally had little gaming time. Jerry and I took over running the guild. Things went as well as any new guild can expect, players came and went, we went through phases of dying and rebuilding, we were shuffled to different servers and joined several different alliances. When Ken returns to the states, the guild is entering a phase of 'dying'. This is due to several factors: 1. the new server we had been shuffled onto was order heavy and rvr had become beyond frustrating (ie. high level players were getting sick of never winning anything and were quitting or moving servers/guilds) and 2. new games (Champions Online and Aion) were being released and players were leaving to go to them.

At this point, Ken and Kim start moving some of their characters out of our guild and into a guild that we are allied with (Unrepentant). They don't mention this to us and we find out from the leader of Unrepentant. When we ask them about it, they say that they are planning to leave WAR for Aion and plan to join Unrepentant when they do. They say they are moving their characters to get to know the people in that guild better. We're fine with this, think it's a good idea actually, although it would have been nice if they'd let us know. We learn later that they told Unrepentant that they were leaving because they were having problems with us.

They never once mention these problems. We go to their house for labor day, and they still don't mention anything. They're playing Aion (beta) while we're there and we look at it. I fall in love with the pretty setting and the tons of character customization you can have and decide that I want to get the game. I even mention that I will join Unrepentant when I do. They don't seem to have any problem with this.

We come home and I do just that. I join Unrepentant, I order the game. I'm really excited about this. I post a bunch on their forums, get to know some new people that I didn't already know from WAR. I make plans to be really active and be in vent all the time and really become an involved, contributing member of the guild. I even skip my writing group to go to the first guild meeting. Kim knows I'm there, knows I'm a member, we attended meetings together and everything.

Two weeks later, my brother (who has decided to play Aion with me) submits an application for Unrepentant. Kim posts: "Due to issues with this person and family members in past games i would like to voice my disaproval of this app. if you need any more info than what i have already given in vent please pm me thanks" WHAT?! Now....Aaron was in our guild in WAR...marginally. He quit the game months ago, spent most of his time when he was playing on the Order side in his own guild, and I would say never once interacted with Kim, apart from possibly the occasional 'hello' in guild chat on the rare occasion that they were playing at the same time. He's also one of the most laid back people I know, never fights with anyone, and is practically allergic to drama. There is no possible reason that she would have to post that.

Then, my brother, and myself both get messages from the guild leader that based on what Kim has had to say they have decided to reject us from the guild. Yes, they retroactively reject me from a guild I've already been in for two weeks. I send Kim a message trying to find out what the hell is going on, which she, naturally, never responds to. And I know she got the message, and read it, because apparently she was talking in Vent about the fact that I was messaging her. We talk with the guild leadership for awhile, never getting any answer regarding what she's saying we did. And apparently when they confront her with the fact that we're saying we have no idea what she's talking about and have no problems with her, she starts backpedaling and can't seem to explain what the problem is. But she's more than capable of bad-mouthing us on Vent.

We still have no idea what she thinks we did wrong, why she's upset, or why she brought whatever misconceived problem she had from WAR over into this new guild and game. We all decided 'screw her' and went to another server and another guild, but it really sucks. I had a lot of friends in that guild and was really looking forward to playing with them. And what hurts even more is that I have no idea what lies she's told to them all and I'm sure they all think horribly of me and I did nothing wrong. Jerry thinks it's because she's pissed at him for some reason. *shrugs* I imagine we'll never know.

And it's too bad too, because I know Jerry really likes to hang out with his brother. So do I, for that matter. But now, we won't be heading to Norfolk to visit them again because neither of us want to associate with someone so childish, mean and spiteful.