Thursday, June 10, 2010


Writing is hard. I didn't realize this for a very long time. I thought that writing was easy. I thought that I was one of those people who could just dump her thoughts out on a page and after a minimal amount of editing, wahlah! I have something fantastic. Gitp has done nothing to disabuse me of this notion, as everyone there seems to have nothing but positive things to say about everything that I do. I often wonder if this is because I'm a mod and a omg! girl on the internet. I think maybe. I think that this 'writing is easy' mentality has a lot to do with why I haven't finished anything. Things get hard, they get to the point where I don't know what's going to happen next or where I might need to do little bit f research or completely rewrite something to make it make sense to someone other than me and I give up. This is why I have piles of unfinished novels, barely started comic strips, neglected blogs, and no website.

I love my writing group. Even if they weren't awesome people, which they are. I would love them because they make me feel guilty about all of the things I am not doing. And I have things I really really really want to finish. So, with that in mind, I have decided that I am going to turn over a new leaf and am going to get my major projects done.

I am going to finish my website. I am going to put up a gallery and be able to show it to people for potential illustration work. I'm good, I think, I really think I'm a good artist and that I could make money at it. So..... I'm going to. I also plan to have artwork to show/sell at Balticon next year. *reminds self* sketches due for Felix.

I'm also going to finish the Mafia story. You're good with coninuing to work on this, right Helgraf? Cause it's good and it should be told. It needs way more work than I imagined. It's hard to make me redo everything I've already put so much work into though. I'm going to though, really really am.

And I'm going to work out and make meal plans every week and lose weight and declutter my house and read to Jared every day and get him in swimming lessons.

And the webcomic! I'm going to make one. I really really am! Llama said he'd write it and we have the beginnings of a plan/plot sort of thingy and a couple cast members! Okay, we've really barely started, but we're going to!

Well, that was a nice pep talk. Let's see how long this works for me. You should all keep me motivated.


Valiant Turtle said...

WooHoo, always great to see new posts in the forgotten corners of my RSS Reader. Go Alarra go!

Trog said...

There is a general vibe of supportiveness in the Playground, I find, which makes it one of the few points of light on the internet. Time rushes by and it's very easy to fill your life with passive pursuits and neglect that which you truly dream of doing. Best of luck with all your projects. YOU CAN DOOOO EEEEEET!!!

HelgraztheBlack said...

Yeah, I know. I'm commenting months after this was written. :sheepish grin:

I'mma try, certainly. We've finally been getting a few new faces at work, so it may lighten up enough to make this a realistic goal instead of just a pipe dream.