Thursday, April 3, 2008


I'm tired. I know, I say that a lot, but I really am. Every day I sit at my computer and will myself to keep my eyes open and get things done. I have to take a nap nearly every day. I didn't even get to sleep -that- late last night. *sigh*

I've gotten to the point where I'm dividing my to-do list into sections of 'school', 'wedding', and 'other'. The sheer number of things I have to remember to get done over the next month is staggering.

On the bright side, this weekend will be calmer than planned. We've arranged to board Athena for the weekend while Jerry is down here. I'm not allowed to have dogs in my apartment and we're more than capable of bringing her over to Ken's, but it's really so much easier not to have her here. When we bring her over to Ken's, it feels like we're spending the entire time keeping her off the couch or out of things, and feel guilty leaving her there for even a few hours while we go out with my friends. Not to mention that we'd have to stay at Ken's every night. Not that I mind Ken's. It's just....loud. And messy. And there's little kids that wake you up at 8am when you were up until 5, and if Athena's there with us, we can't just pack up and head back to my place to sleep more in the morning. It is fun at Ken's however. Plus I simply have way too much to get done to spend the weekend dealing with kids and dogs.

Oh, and have I mentioned how wonderful my parents are? My mom and grandma came out a couple weekends ago and we bought tons of things for the wedding, and picked out my dress, and grandma bought us the shiny dishwasher I mentioned earlier. It was really nice of her, although I feel terribly guilty about the amount of money she spent on me. I shouldn't, because I didn't ask her to, and I haven't any of my own, so it's kinda necessary, but I feel bad all the same. And a couple weeks before that my dad came out to help me pack. He packed my entire apartment in a day. A DAY. Yes. That man is really darned impressive.

Can I go take a nap now? *sigh* No, I know...I already took mine for today...but I wanna. *whines*


Nicol3 said...

I'm excited for you, that you're getting married! That is awesome! :)

Zeb The Troll said...

I know it's tough right now, honey, but you'll be done with most of what's cluttering up your time soon. You know, once you're done with class, your thesis, the wedding, our trips this summer, have a job...

Holy crap, are you ever going to be done? No, I'm kidding. It really will lighten up in short order and you can lean on me as much as you need to until it does.

Oh, and thank you Grandma DeeDee! Or is it DD? Or Dee? I still don't know what to call her. *sigh*

Alarra said...

Heh. It's DeDe.

Trog said...

Ooo! Shiny Dishwasher! Very cool.

You know I don't think I can live without one of those, really. We have one here at the new place. It makes such a huge difference in my stress level. Thes's too. Plus... er... it um does a better job we do. =P

See! I commenentaterated yur blogz! Rejoice!