Sunday, June 1, 2008


It has been very busy lately. Hmm...this sounds familiar. You'd think with school done, I'd be a bit less busy, but I don't think I am. Granted, school isn't exactly over. I still haven't turned in my final versions of my thesis and I have to revise my presentation for publication and my summer classes apparently.

I feel calm though. For the most part. I've been doing a lot of wedding prep. Have a list the length of my arm of things still to get done, but it's all coming together well. I do have to wonder though...what were Alison and I thinking? We have this plan to mosaic vases for candle holders for the centerpieces for the tables for both of our weddings. I've started. I've made 9. Of 60. These 9 have been of the smallest size too. They are time consuming and tedious, but beautiful. My flowers are all done. They're beautiful. Really, I think this wedding is going to be just perfect. Have I mentioned what dorks Jerry and I are? We're going to attack the gazebo and play kubb at the wedding. *laughs*

In other has rained every day since I have been in South Dakota. May broke the record for the wettest month in Rapid City in history. It was previously set in 1905. And the poor dogs. There is thunder all the time and they get so scared and so nervous.

I've gotten back into WoW with a vengeance. Man have I missed that game. It's fun and addicting and I have no time to play except from like midnight to 2 am, but am expected to be places with grandma at 8 because she's one of those insane morning people and it's wearying.

Mom and I are getting along well this trip, for the most part. We have our fights, as usual, but there seem to be less of them than usual. It's been nice. And it's nice having Aaron here. It was really cool that his break fell at the same time as I would be here. We're having fun together, but he's been sick.


Nicol3 said...

How long have you been back in SoDak? We were just there over Memorial Day weekend, it rained the whole time we were there too!

cjketo44 said...

I wanna attack the gazebo at the wedding!
I miss all the good stuff.
*grumble grumble*

Loved the invitations though. Fitting. And quite lovely.

My apologies again for not being able to make it. And my thanks for the thought. ;)

Trog said...

A gazebo? At the wedding? Do you know how DANGEROUS those things are?