Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Finally, at long last, I feel the stress of the year abating. I still have a to-do list as long as my arm. I still have several things to finish before graduation. I still have a wedding to finish planning. But at long last, I really feel like I can handle it all.

Our house has finally worked itself into becoming a home. Everything is looking nice and beautiful and in its place. And if we still have boxes to unpack and need another bookshelf or two, for the moment, everything not unpacked is stored away in closets awaiting a time later in the summer when I can get to them.

I bought a new printer today. It's very pretty and scans and was cheaper than I expected. I'm a bit sad that I had to buy a new printer though. I managed to drop mine while I was finishing moving and it pretty well shattered. On the bright side, this one doesn't make strange noises and the ink cartridge doesn't stall whenever I try to print, so I suppose its worthwhile that I got a new one anyway.

We had a meetup this weekend, which was quite fun. There wasn't quite the turn-out we'd hoped, especially from the locals, but those that were here had a fantastic time. Llama took quite a few pictures and a great video of us chasing Athena, trying to a kubb stick away from her. There were games and fun activities. We bought a couple new games for the occasion, Bang! and Hex Hex, both of which are exceedingly fun.

Athena's still getting into everything. We really want her to be a good dog, but I think we're going to have to admit that there's not much we can do other than locking her behind a gate in the basement while we're not home. It's not an ideal solution, but I think it'll have to do.


Nicol3 said...

Sounds like things are becoming a little less overwhelming! Glad to hear it!

PenguinSushi said...

Llama showed us that video (hilarious!) & the pictures last night - glad to see you guys had a great time!

...round 2 is just around the corner...


cjketo44 said...

Poor Athena.... Don't lock her in the basement.
Don't you have a yard at your lovely new house?

Alarra said...

When we say 'lock her in the basement' we're locking her in the part of the basement that has the dog door. Meaning she has 1/3 of the basement and the yard to play in, just not the rest of the house.

The Llama said...

Huzzah!! That was a great weekend. I think your solution to Athena is the best one. It won't hurt her, she'll have lots of yard to run around in.