Friday, July 11, 2008


Well huh...I'm married. After all the planning and the stressing and the worrying and the's just...over and done. I mean, I'm happy and all. Deliriously happy. I love Zeb so damn much and I suppose it's nice to be done with it all, but...I kinda feels sudden and like something's missing now without the wedding to worry about. *shrugs* Of course, I'm still crazy busy, but I shouldn't be. I dunno, it's like I can't let myself just relax and have fun and not be stressing out over -something-. *sigh*

Anyway...the wedding was beautiful and perfect, well...nearly perfect. Let's list the things that weren't.... It's a short list, really, which I hear is unusual for weddings:

1. I didn't actually lose any weight before the wedding. As such, I feel like I looked crappy in all my photos, at least those I've seen. I haven't seen the professional ones yet.
2. It was windy during the ceremony which made the microphones screwy.
3. It was really freaking hot at the reception initially which I think made a fair number of people take off early.
4. The best man left at 5. WTF? I'm sorry, but I felt that was incredibly rude and selfish. And a lot of other people did too. 'Waaaa, there's kids and it's hot and we're not having that much fun.' Suck it up. You're here for someone else and frankly, there's a time when you should think of them and not just you. Although, truthfully, we probably had more fun without them.
5. Sue and Kay got in a fight. Well, admittedly, I didn't learn of this until the next day, but I hate that people were fighting at the reception and hope mom smoothed things over so that Kay doesn't think I had anything to do with anything.

And...that's about it. Not too bad if I do say so myself.

The wedding and reception were really perfect though. Like most girls, I've planned aspects of my wedding for as long as I can remember. My dress was exactly the dress I'd always pictured in my mind. There were daisies everywhere, which gave everything a cheerful, casual feel. We were able to pull off a whole fantasy theme without going to crazy or being cheesy. And it was geeky. There was kubb played and gazebo attacking and we renamed the bar Trog's Tavern. All in all it was very us and very special. Zeb was incredibly handsome and every time he looked at me he just looked so happy and so sure that this was right and perfect. I couldn't stop smiling.

The candle holders went over well and looked really nice with the table cloths we made. There was tons of food and it was all delicious. Of course, I hardly ate anything, sadly. The cake was beautiful. Kay did just a superb job. And all in all, we really didn't spend that much. The DJ and photographer were worth every penny, and we didn't spend that much on them. Although I was actually a little disappointed in some songs that the DJ was missing, although he was apparently robbed the day before. I'm not sure if that had anything to do with it. I was sad to not be able to hear dani california though, or any of the 'good' barenaked ladies songs.

All in all, a good time was had by all. The playgrounders stayed and hung out til the end with us, as did most of my dad's family, which was good and fun. I must say I've never before seen, or expected to see my cousin Chad dancing on a table. I danced a lot too, I must admit. I didn't expect to. I'm not that much of a dancer and neither is Zeb, but we danced and danced and had such a great time.

Have I mentioned that I'm happy? I'm really happy. And tomorrow morning, we leave on our little honeymoon to Pennsylvania. I'm excited about that too. It will be hard for me, but I'm going to not do anything and not think about anything remotely requiring any thought or productivity for the next three days. It'll be nice.