Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Wow, so...after reading Zeb's blog entry, I realized that my last entry was before I knew I was pregnant and in yesterday's I didn't bother to mention it, or for that matter, anything else that has happened since November.

So...yes...I'm pregnant, about 29 weeks along now. Which is exciting and fun and I can't wait to have little Jared. That's actually why all the people will be here on Saturday, Myranda's throwing us a baby shower. Not that there's anything else we need, we already had a huge shower in South Dakota, and then there's my aunt Peggy, who has been collecting baby stuff for me pretty much since I was born. Seriously. She sent me home with 4 bins of clothes, 2 boxes of books, and a bin of toys and other stuff. But yes, little Jared will have more outfits than he can ever wear. It seems like it's pregnancy season right now actually, as I have two friends that are also pregnant and due in the few months after me. This will be nice, I think, as then our kids will have other kids their age to hang out with, of course, Alison's moving way down to Florida with her's, but hey..we'll visit. =) Anyway, the pregnancy has been pretty much picture perfect. I had very minimal morning sickness and every appointment they say that he looks prefect. There was a little hiccup this month because I screwed up the amount of iron I was getting, which made my heart have some problems and made me very tired, but that's all fixed now...I think. So, anyway, that's the big thing that's going on.

I also have a new job....which I hate. Well, not hate, really. I mean, it's convenient in that I never have to go there or do anything, but I really wish I were actually making money. The problem with this place is that it's contractual, so I only get paid when I actually see clients. So if I sit at the office for half an hour, hoping they show up and they don't...I get nothing, and am just out all that time, plus the half hour it took me to drive there. People also have a tendency to never answer their phones or return my phone calls. This is making it hard to actually see anyone. I do have a few more appointments this week, but last paycheck I only worked like 10 hours and 6 of those were the 'paperwork' hours I get paid for...so yes, 3 appointments in two weeks.... Not exactly going to break the bank with this one. The plan right now is to keep it up at least until August and then look for something new while I'm on 'maternity leave'. I may keep it for a little while after, just because it's convenient to not have to go there that often, but I really need something full time, or at least moderately structured. They also don't take out taxes, apparently, which will be a huge pain come when I have to actually figure that out.

I'm less worried about the party now, while the house is still small, we're doing a good job of getting it clean and I think it'll work out even if people are a bit crowded. I don't really have all that much else to talk about right now, although I'll probably think of something later, and maybe make another post tomorrow. See how on top of this I'm being now? *grins*

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