Monday, June 1, 2009


I have not blogged in way way too long. No one will probably even come and see this, because it has been so long since I have made an entry that none of you will think to come back and look here. I'm not going to write much tonight, either....sorry to get your hopes up, you nonexistent reader, you. It's late...well, late for current me anyway, I have been sleeping earlier and earlier lately, which I suppose is a good thing. In any case, I will attempt to write more tomorrow.

I'm also frazzled and crabby and in a 'mood' tonight, so going to bed is probably the best plan. I'm worried though. There are going to be a lot of people coming over on Saturday and our house is small....really really tiny small and I'm afraid that it will be far too crowded and no one will have any fun. I'm also worried about mom, but she yells at me when I say anything, so that's where I'll leave that.

This weekend was fun though, in spite of the feeling stressed and worried. Stacey came up and we played D&D yesterday and today we took Tommy to a birthday party for my friend, Becky's, son. He had a fantastic time and I'm really glad we took him, because he never gets to play with other kids. We had fun too of course. Anyway, off to bed with me, and I'll post more tomorrow and more frequently in the future too. I promise! =D


trog•lo•dyte, n. said...

I have you on RSS feed like many other blogs and I make it a point only to subscribe to those I know I will read and I read every post that comes through (which can be a pain when I have forgotten to check it for a couple of days and it adds way way up) so your every post will be seen. By me at least. :D

Don't be stressed about people being over. They are there for the people not the house. If you are worried about space set up a picnic table outside and some lawn games (kuuuuuuubb).

And yay for DnD playing! The cornerstone of any um... breakfast? Something like that.

Alarra said...

We barely even have a lawn, certainly not one with enough room for a picnic table (which we don't have) AND a game of kubb at the same time. Even if we used the entire yard, it would be an oddly spaced game. But yes, you're right...I shouldn't worry. It'll be fine anyway. =)

Anonymous said...

I've got you on RSS feed as well. Just the other day I was thinking that you hadn't blogged in a while and were probably due to post something soon. I can't really say much as it's been several months since I've blogged as well. I should put up that house picture I promised.


PenguinSushi said...

Yay! 'larra's back! Welcome!

For people coming over: what Trog said: it's not the place, it's the company. :) We used to have people over to our 400sqft apt. all the time. We had some great times.

Looking forward to seeing you all later this month. :)